Osteoporosis and heart disease represent a significant public health problem, with a substantial public health impact.

Recently published data on a special form of vitamin K2, called menaquinone-7 (MK7), demonstrated its unique effect and potential benefits on heart disease and bone metabolism. Vitamin K2 is emerging as a key factor in regulating calcium in the body.

Insufficient Vitamin K2 leads to decreased bone mineral density, a key factor in osteoporosis, and to an excess of calcium in the arterial wall, which increases the risk of heart disease.

Vitamk7® exclusively manufactured by Gnosis, is the active isomer of Vit K2 with the highest bioavailability and longest half-life in the blood. Clinical trials were performed by Gnosis on the effect of Vitamk7® on the gamma carboxylation of ostecalcin in vivo study, and on PGE-2 synthesis in bone forming osteoblasts in vitro study.

Vitamk7® is available in powder and in oil forms, suitable for different dosages and formulations. Obtained through a patented natural fermentation process, Vitamk7® is natural and solvent free, and consists entirely of all-trans vitamin K2.


The newest K2&OliveTM brand brings together the unique and well-recognized nutritional beneficial properties of extra virgin olive oil and the benefits of Menaquinone-7.

Olive oil is a common ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, recognized as one of the healthiest diets in the world. Particularly extra virgin olive oil, the highest quality and most flavorful olive oil classification, is endowed with health-promoting nutrients. The main type of fat in olive oil is constituted by triglycerides where the fatty acid is oleic acid, which is monounsaturated (MUFA).

Olive oil has been found to positively influence several risk factors related to heart disease. It can affect total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels. It might also increase HDL cholesterol, which has a protective function. Olive oil related benefits also derive from their content in a series of antioxidants, which have been shown to antagonize lipid peroxidation and some connected events which favour atherogenesis.

Olive oil is a good carrier for lipophilic vitamins such as vitamin K. Specifically Menaquinone-7 has a 7-unit polyprenoid side chain, which makes it much more hydrophobic than K1: its better bioavailability and longer half time are probably related to this feature.

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Grade: Oral
Packing size: 5 Kg - 25 Kg, Suitable containers
Assay: from 1500 ppm to 4500 ppm
Certifications: HACCP, Kosher

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans K2&OliveTM is blend of o highly concentrated Menaquinone-7 (Vitamk7TM) in extra virgin olive oil guaranteeing a clinically proven dose-dependent increase in plasma levels of Menaquinone-7 after supplementation.

Vitamk7TM is produced through natural fermentation production process, using only solvent-free methods.

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