Mythocondro® is the first Non-Animal Chondroitin Sulfate produced by a patented fermentation-based manufacturing process. The result of this innovative approach is a non-animal CS with homogeneous structure and a constant charge density and molecular mass parameters, like in human synovial fluid and compliant to USP MONOGRAPH of Chondroitin Sulfate Sodium.

Mythocondro® is the chondroitin sulfate of non-animal origin warrants high purity, clear identity profile, batch-to-batch reproducibility, established safety with an astounding very low content of proteins and other (macro) molecules.

Clinically tested, well characterized and environm entally friendly, Mythocondro® will address the growing demand from an aging population suffering from a variety of degenerative joint conditions that may benefit from an effective nutritional supplement that supports strong and healthy joints.

Furthermore it is the first chondroitin sulfate suitable for vegetarians and free from restrictions of use related to religious and supply issues.

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Grade: Oral
Packing size: 5 kg, 25 kg
Content of chondroitin sulfate sodium:: 95.0 % - 105.0 % d.b.
Protein: ≤ 0.5 % d.b.

• Produced by fermentative processes: non-animal production

• High purity and quality profile guaranteed by controlled, reliable and reproducible controlled process

• Very low protein content and a substantial absence of unusually sulfated and over-sulfated disaccharides

• Demonstrated biological activity and established safety with published results

• Low molecular weight and enhanced bioavailability

• Suitable for use as an ingredient in conventional foods such as beverages and beverage bases, milk   and milk products, and chewing gum.