S-Adenosylmethionine (AdometTM) is a naturally occurring sulphur-containing physiologic compound synthesized from the aminoacid L-methionine and adenosine triphosphate. It is one of the most active methyl donors produced in the human body and is involved in more than one hundred biochemical pathways and specific processes. In particular it has a regulating effect on mood and brain functions, keeps the liver healthy and supports joint health.

With also a long history of use in other countries as a prescription drug, AdometTM has been introduced into the US market in 1999 under the Dietary Supplement and Health Education Act as an over-the-counter supplement and nowadays is a popular human dietary supplement.

Recently it is also been launched in veterinary field, recommended for its hepato-protective and antioxidant properties being an indirect precursor to glutathione. AdometTM helps liver function of dogs, cats and horses, enhances the mood creating a sensation of well-being and is also useful in providing relief for joint discomfort.

Extensive research studies over the past 5 decades have clearly established the importance of AdometTM in the cellular metabolism and function of all living organisms. Vital to cells' function, stability and activity the deficiency of AdometTM has profound effect on cell growth and may initiate or contribute to abnormalities of cellular structure and function in the liver as well as many other human and animal body tissues.

Gnosis is a worldwide leader of AdometTM production by fermentation; the long experience in the production of this special ingredient and the deep knowledge of its chemical behavior have lead to Gnosis to develop several formulations and products covered by several granted patents and patent pending applications.

Since many years Saccharomyces cerevisiae has represented a nutritional yeast, often taken as a vitamin supplement, thanks to its rich nutrient content naturally available (B vitamins, folic acid, minerals, cofactors required for growth, 50% of proteins) and the low presence of fat and sodium.
Saccharomyces cerevisiae works as a bio-carriers to deliver natural ingredients and can be enriched by natural content of nutrients during the fermentation process, providing a selected culture medium (minerals and biological compounds).

SAM-e is a biological compound found in every living cell of the human body, vital to their function, stability and activity and involved in more than one hundred biochemical reactions and specific processes, such as detoxification, brain function and joint health.

SupereSSe® is a SAM-e enriched natural yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) consisting in dried yeast cells. The product has been designed by Gnosis combining the expertise in biofermentation processes and the knowledge as the leading global manufacturer of SAMe to obtain a new ingredient for the food market.

SupereSSe® activity derives from the natural content of (S,S) SAM-e stereoisomer contained in the dried cells, the only form biologically active that produces healthy benefits, supporting mood and emotional well-being, working as a liver protector and supporting joint functions.

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Grade: Oral
Packing size: 20 Kg, Double LDPE bags
SAM-e ion (S,S isomer) Assay: Greater than 7%

SupereSSe® guarantees stable form without addition of stabilizing agents, highest (S,S) natural active isomer, highly flavorful, simple to administer (direct administration of product in suitable nutraceutical forms especially capsules, tablets and sachets), easy combination with other ingredients and excipients.