PhosphocomplexTM is obtained from the complexation of Silybin with phospholipids. Silybin is the primary active flavonolignan in Silymarin extract (milk thistle plant) used so far as hepatoprotectants. PhosphocomplexTM SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVE BIOAVAILIBILITY of Silybin.

Liver dysfunction often is associated with an imbalance in the production and removal of free radicals derived from oxygen and nitrogen. This condition has been managed clinically with Silybin, an effective and antioxidant, that works by conserving Glutathione (GSH) in liver cells while stabilizing the liver cells membranes against oxidative attack.

Silybin is poorly absorbed by the intestine because is a multiple-ring large size molecule which cannot be absorbed by simple diffusion and also for the poor miscibility with lipids, severely limiting their ability to pass across the lipid-rich outer membranes of the enterocytes of the small intestine.

To overcome these limitations Gnosis has developed a proprietary complex of Silybin and phospholipids, branded PhosphocomplexTM, which facilitates the absorption and bioavailability of Silybin.

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Grade: Oral
Packing size: 10 Kg - 25 Kg, LDPE bags
Assay: ≥29% to ≤37% of Silybin by HPLC

PhosphocomplexTM bioavailable Silybin for healthy liver is:

• Supported by pharmacological and clinical data

• Suitable for different formulation such as tablets, capsules and topical dosage forms

• Easy handling and storage