Humans need to maintain an adequate dietary intake of folate during various stages of their lives. Relevant clinical research emphasizes the importance of folate supplementation in different therapeutic areas such as neural-tube defect, male and female infertility, spontaneous abortion, coronary heart disease, macrocytic anemia, methotrexate therapy.

Folate deficiency is related to the reduction of a cell's capacity to synthesize and repair DNA. Eating folate-rich foods may not provide the recommended daily dosage; thus the need for supplementation. In recent years evidence has shown that reduced folate supplementation present relevant advantages vs folic acid. The rational use of such reduced folates (particularly reduced and methylated) is derived from the inability of a part of world's population to assimilate and metabolize folic acid from food or supplements.

The multidisciplinary research team at Gnosis has intensely researched this category of products and today Gnosis is the only manufacturer of three folate products that can claim GRAS status and NDIN with advanced chemical and clinical characteristics.