About Hizha


We rely on the valuable knowledge and experiences of our respected personnel at Hizha Darou company, and we are focused on achieving our future goals in order to provide the best services based on the needs of our customers.



  • foundation

    Established in 2010 with more than 10 years of background and experience in DDP Group.

  • May 2010

    Hizha connected with the top Iranian pharmaceutical companies, as well as receiving exclusivity from several top world class pharmaceutical manufacturers, such as Kerry, Gnosis by Lesaffre, Bioberica, and Taiyo Kagaku.

  • 2010 until now

    Hizha is fully active in the field of pharmaceutical API, Veterinary API, Intermediates, chemicals, Supplement and Nutraceutical ingredients as well as Packaging and devices to serve all Iranian Pharmaceutical companies.

    Hizha also exports API and FP, especially to GCC and CIS countries

  • History

Hizha Darou Company was established in 1388 (2009/2010) as an active trading company in the field of supplying raw materials for pharmaceuticals, food, supplements, and medical supplies, considering the need for Iran’s pharmaceutical industry. The company has always been focused on importing quality materials in line with international standards to increase the market share of Iranian manufacturers in the global market and to support domestic producers. With a long experience in serving all pharmaceutical companies, it has been successful in gaining the maximum market share in Iran. In recent years, with attention to the market trend towards new products, we have considered it necessary to be in line with the market’s needs and seek creative manufacturers in this field. Therefore, we have taken representation of top European and Asian companies to achieve this goal. Today, Hizha Daroo is a global company that is in contact with almost all pharmaceutical companies in the world.

  • Management Message

Leadership comes with responsibility and every company is founded with the hope of achieving its main goals, which for this company are prioritizing public health, understanding customer needs, and focusing on improving these needs. Therefore, all members and employees of Hizha Darou Company are determined to achieve these goals with great effort and dedication. Each of us, directly or indirectly, participates significantly in improving the lives of the people we serve. We aim to provide the best services based on customer needs by relying on the valuable knowledge and experiences of our esteemed personnel at Hizha Darou Company. With your help, we hope to play a small role in the growth and prosperity of this industry in our beloved Iran.