Raw Materials for the Pharmaceutical and Food Industries

Raw materials in the food industry are substances that are added in small quantities to food during processing. Raw materials in the food industry also include compounds that enhance the taste, color, and shelf life of food products. These raw materials can be either artificial or natural.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API)

Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) play a crucial role in the characteristics of the final drug product, such as efficacy, quality, accessibility, and price. An API, also known as a drug substance, is an active compound in the drug formulation that induces therapeutic effects. APIs have a direct impact on the quality and costs of final pharmaceutical products.

Pharmaceutical excipients

Excipients are also used in drug formulation alongside the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), but they do not possess any therapeutic or medicinal properties. These substances are employed for other purposes such as enhancing drug stability, creating buffering properties, protecting the drug against microbial factors, and so on.
Intermediate substance
Intermediates play a crucial role in the production process of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). These substances serve as intermediate stages in the production process and undergo chemical modifications and various reactions to be transformed into the active drug substance. The primary objective of forming intermediates is to introduce necessary changes and improvements in the drug molecule to optimize its properties and functionality. This process may involve reaction compounds, purification, decomposition, and molecular structuring. With precise control and stability in production, intermediates significantly impact the quality and final characteristics of the drug.
Drug intermediate
A drug intermediate is a partially synthesized substance used in the production of pharmaceutical drugs. It is an intermediate stage in the manufacturing process that occurs before the conversion into the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). The drug intermediate undergoes specific chemical changes and reactions before reaching its final form. It is important to control the quality and adhere to strict standards during the production and use of this intermediate due to its significance in drug production.